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Thanks to constant and accurate control of your machinery, we give greater safety and efficiency to your company. Discover with us the best of sensors, telemetry and remote control. We develop IOT solutions to give you the best of technology every day.


Why Mel-Systems

Mel-Systems products and services are the optimal solution to significantly reduce ordinary and extraordinary maintenance costs in various sectors such as: renewable energy, wind, industrial, naval, road transport, public transport, automotive, agricultural machinery, earthmoving machinery . We perform the monitoring and control of any type of machinery thanks to our sensors, our gateways and our control panels.

We have proven experience on many types of machinery from wind turbines to gearboxes, from refrigeration compressors to turbines as well as from cogenerators to gas or diesel engines. The expertise accumulated over the years on large engines of all kinds, on uninterruptible power supplies, on generators, on-board groups and in the field of power generation is highly respectable.


Everywhere in the world

Mel-Systems products and services are spread all over the world and in most industries, involving all types of machinery. Find your Industry or the machinery you want to protect or control and discover the solutions we can offer you in the face of specific critical issues.


Equipment and Machinery

We generate added value by reducing maintenance costs and downtime.

Nobody wants to risk a production stop, our customers recognize us the ability to evaluate their needs and always find the most suitable technological solution for their processes, their machinery and their risk profile.

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