Oil Division

Oil Division

Routine Servicing Improvement

mel system divisione olioMel Systems’ Oil Division products/services are based on the concept of routine servicing improvement deriving from constant supervision of the engine’s oil condition and its purification through high-quality motor oil filtering systems. These products can be adapted to any requirement, situation and plant.

The following benefits can be obtained by opting for one or more Mel Systems’ Oil Division solutions:

  • extended engine/plant average life expectancy
  • improved efficiency and reliability
  • fewer malfunctions, damages, machinery interruptions and engine failures
  • cheaper general maintenance costs, fewer emergency call-out expenses and reduced disposal costs

Our main product is:

  • Oil Quality sensor, for on-site monitoring: a system which checks engine oil within the engine, machinery or compressor and is activated through sensors which send alerts before the lubricating oil is drastically contaminated.