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Control Division

Control Division

Constant monitoring means less engine failures

Software di controllo stato olio lubrificante e Diesel The Mel Systems products/services of its Control Division create a basis for prevention.  The solutions recommended allow supervision of the lubricating oil and diesel condition on all machinery monitored, from anywhere in the world. Each monitoring product offered brings with it the following benefits:

  • Reduces machinery failure;
  • Improves and increases the useful life of equipment
  • Precise and constant monitoring of the devices guarantees their correct use
  • Reduces supervision and maintenance costs

There are currently three types of product:

  • On-site monitoring software, a sophisticated data-logger is used to gather and pre-calculate the information obtained from the sensors and sends them to ground operations.  This solution is available in three versions: Mini control panel with Operator Interface; Box without a monitor and PLC library.
  • Remote monitoring software which is managed via PC for direct monitoring from one’s own office.
  • A complex web monitoring software which can obtain, file and graphically elaborate various vital indicators.  This solution can record any information transmitted either via the J1939 system or from measurements taken by any analogical or digital monitoring input and is accessible from any point on the globe.