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Who we are

Prevention Solutions

Mel Systems is a company which operates in predictive and prevention maintenance industry for endothermic engines, air compressors, turbines, generator systems, transformers, refrigeration compressors and machinery in general.
With over 30 years’ experience in the lubrication industry we are well aware of issues regarding the contamination of machinery engine oil as well as the costs which these problems create due to constant oil draining, disposal and emergency call-outs, not to mention the consequent environmental pollution.
Mel Systems has developed solutions and products adaptable to any requirement and able to prevent engine and machinery malfunctions and failures and therefore extend the average life-expectancy of the machinery and it’s reliability over time.

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  • Thanks to predictive maintenance we can extend the reliability and life-expectancy of the machinery and therefore guarantee increased efficiency with lower costs.
  • Spread and divulge the concept of prevention even for industry.
  • Reduce environmental pollution caused by the dispersion of engine oil and its improper disposal.
  • Programmed Protection for constant assurance of operation.


  • Prevent malfunctions, engine failures and damages for other problems and industries
  • Reduce environmental pollution on a global scale.