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Mel Systems’ products/services can be applied to a vast number of industries.

Our products/services focus on predictive maintenance principally through the application of an Oil Quality Sensor and can be used in gas and diesel engines, gearboxes, air and gas compressors, fluid transfer pumps and hydraulic machinery in the following areas:

  • Naval: turbines, opening mechanisms, gearboxes, power generators and generators
  • Sustainable Energy: wind power blades, turbines
  • Industrial: industrial engines, pumps, mud pumps, vacuum pumps, hydraulic presses, power generators, air and gas compressors
  • Automotive: diesel engines, natural gas engines, etc.
  • Public transport: bus engines, train locomotives
  • Large-scale earth-moving & Mining: engines, excavator, dumper and bulldozer lifting mechanisms
  • Dumps: engines and generators
  • Agricultural machinery: engines and mechanisms
  • Oil & Gas: onshore and offshore drilling, refineries

The Oil Quality Sensor offers effective cost-savings on engine oil replacement and programmed maintenance.  Monitoring is available both in line and remotely via pc, smartphone or bluetooth and gives a 360° view in real time of the actual condition of your oil as well as alerting you to the level of oil degradation and/or contamination by metals or water.

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